Monday, July 5, 2010

National Botchulism Week??!

Ok...I was recently discussing the topic of this post with a friend when they pointed out that Botchulism isn't airborne and can only be contracted upon consumption of bad food. However, after further research it is actually possible to contract through an open wound. Honestly, whether it is appropriate to the subject matter or not I just think it is a cool word.

So why was last week National Botchulism Week? Honestly I do not know which Magistrate decided it, as it was not marked on any calendars that I encountered. However, after the events of the week I must assume that some governing body held a secret meeting and decided, at the very least, that it should be celebrated in my small part of the World.

Now I know that primarily advertising on craigslist you are drawing from a certain population. And before I come off as "looking down from my ivory tower"...I am in fact a craigslist person. However, in any group, whether it be religious, political, or cheap people there are always EXTREMES. These pics show some of the extremes. Now I admit that I am NOT a germophobe, and there might be some dust in my current dwelling, however at no time would visitors feel the need to don a Hazmat Suit to safely enter.

Sometimes the smell from these places are so bad, you wonder how the current residents managed to breathe. I mean I know that you can get used to smells over time. When I was younger my grandfather had a farm and I got used to all kinds of barnyard aromas. This doesn’t mean that I wanted to set up a kitchen table in the pig pen and eat lunch. While I am on the subject of foul odors...whenever we come into a house of HEAVY is almost as bad. My eyes wind up watering, and I usually feel like crap for the rest of the day. I still don't get how people enjoy that, but then that is another subject for another day.

I just hope, in vain I'm sure, that National Botchulism Week only comes once this year. Getting a tetanus shot once a month is painful, and bathing in antibacterial lotion is pricey.


  1. so were these pics from all the same place or 3 different ?

  2. Believe it or not, those are three seperate locations....all of them in the same state of squalor.