Monday, July 19, 2010

Quick Easy Job...No Problem

This is a GARAGE DOOR!

This is a standard size door


People never cease to amaze me.  We actually had a woman argue with us about this.  She bought a refrigerator, and called us to pick it up and deliver it.  She said we were taking it from a GARAGE, and delivering it to her home.  She even told us it was a "one man problem".  Now I think you all know where this is going.....

We get to the address, and first we think we are at the wrong place.  Something is missing....NO GARAGE!!  We knock on the door, and yes we are at the right place.  The homeowner leads us through the STANDARD SIZE DOOR to the storage room that the refrigerator is in.  I have been doing this long enough to KNOW that this refrigerator is NOT going to fit out this door without some labor involved. 

So now we call the lady to let her know that this is going to take at least an extra half an hour....and that we need to be PAID for that extra half hour. She proceeds to argue with us. She tried to convince us that the 10'X12' storage room that we were currently standing in was a garage.  While I admit that, if you moved the Christmas decorations around, the new Smart Car may in fact have fit in still would not have fit through the door. 

Eventually, she calmed down enough, and realized that she was wrong.  All this time the clock is ticking.  Not that it matters at this point, this job has turned into a complete joke.  She agrees to the extra half an hour, which still isn't enough, but oh well. 

So the job that was supposed to be a one hour, one man job taking a refrigerator out of a garage...turned into a two hour, two man job that we had to remove the door to the STORAGE ROOM, AND remove the handles to the fridge. 

Seriously, I am not sure if it is ignorance, or tryin to get a job done for as cheap as possible.  Probably a litle from column A and a little from column B.  Why people can't be honest with us beforehand is frustrating to say the least.  I forgot to mention that this lady lived in BFE!! Her 15miles from one property to the other turned out to be close to 30, and that is after driving 40mins across town to get to her.  And when we were guessed it...we were still in BFE!!  So this quick one hour job, took almost three, of which we were paid for about half of it.  THIS is why bigger moving companies charge minimums, set up fees, and anything else they can get away with.  All we try to do is get paid for the time we actually work, and people act like we are tryin to rip them off.  Good Times.....


  1. People are so silly. Maybe you think that she didn't know it was a garage and the man she bought it from said it was?

    I know I'm having a tiny bit of faith in humanity LOL.

  2. Not to rain on your optimistic outlook, but she had already been to the property and stood in the room that we were standing in. Yet she still felt the need to try to convince us it was a garage.