Saturday, July 10, 2010

Will Work for FREE!!!

Sometimes I really wonder what people are thinking.  Since I would venture to guess that at least 51% (how's that for conservative) of the clients we get from Craigslist are hourly emplyoyees, I don't understand why the wage per hour concept escapes them.  It is pretty simple math.  We have a standard hourly labor cost, and paying for 1 hour of work buys you just that, 1 HOUR!!

Now as far as I know an hour is a pretty standard unit of measure.  Maybe I am missing something.  If we start a job at 2pm, and we were paid to work for 1hr, then at 3:01 we either stop working or we negotiate for more time.  And obviously the added time will be paid for.  If an hourly employee had a boss ask them to "clock out" and then finish up I am pretty sure they would be in the HR department by the end of the day.  So why do they expect me to be ok with that, when they obviously never would?

These people hire someone to move their belongings for whatever reason.  And then suddenly they expect me to be their best friend, and "help them out"....because I obviously love moving furniture (for the record once I get accepted into Car Wash School I am sooo quitting).  It's ridiculous.  When they call we quote a price "sight unseen" and they KNOW that it is a quote.  Half the time they call and say they have to move THAT DAY!!  For whatever reason...divorce, bad break up, eviction, etc...gotta be done that day.  Then when we somehow manage to accomodate their request, they don't want to hand over any more $$ once we realize that we are going to go over the original time quoted.  Even though they have seen us NOT STOP MOVING the entire time, and witnessed us avoiding all the pitfalls and boobytraps that they failed to mention...still somehow it is our fault for not being able to bend the laws of time.

Didn't measure to see if the new fridge would fit...too bad get it done on time. 

Forgot to unhook, disassemble, dismantle the furniture to be problem the movers can do that.

Left everything in the drawers so the dresser is 4Xs as heavy as it should problem as long as it is easier for you.

Doesn't EVERY stove fit in EVERY house?!

Whatever you do don't move ANYTHING out of the way before the movers get there...we love extra work.

And please own a lot of glass things....

Sorry for the mini rant.  Got a little off topic.  The worst part about the hourly rate is that once the stuff is loaded up, if we run over time and they dont want to pay we are stuck either way.  No matter what, we have to unload their stuff.  It can be one of the more frustrating parts of the business, and that is saying a lot considering.  That is why bigger moving companies have set up fees, and minimums to cover all these issues.  In an effort to save people some money, considering the economy, and it usually winds up biting us on the backside...more specifically the wallet.

Quote of the day...."Oh I'm sorry.....I was going to give you guys a tip for your hard work, but I need all this money"

Guess what lady...with all due respect I need that money too....

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