Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pandora's Box

In Greek myth Pandora's Box was said to contain all evil's in the world.  And when curiosity got the best of her, Pandora released that evil into the world.

This storage bin on the other hand seems safe enough. However, for some strange reason, when people go to move they seem to think it is just as magical.  Rather than opening it up and releasing evil, the exact opposite phenomenon seems to happen.  People, women more often than not (no offense), seem to forget about the earth gravitational pull.  Which is ironic, since it is something they use every day to determine their mood, by way of the bathroom scale. 

Funny enough though, the same math that adds pounds to the scale every time you gorge yourself on chocolate, also adds weight to the storage bin when you decide to throw all your books from college that you can't bear to part with.  Seriously ladies, this happens all the time.  Just because those books will fit into ONE container does not mean its a good idea.  Remember, you are moving, and that requires MOVING!!  Eventually you are going to have to pick the thing up.

I can't tell you how many times we show to move some one and "some boxes" turns out to be a plastic storage bins filled beyond capacity.  Then we are expected to move this bin WITHOUT it falling apart.  And when it does start to give way under the strain, the laws of physics are suddenly our fault.  What's even funnier, or not as it were, is they they usually have multiple bins but they put all the books in just one.  Rather than take time to THINK, and spread the weight out so as not to test the limits of construction, all the heavy stuff goes in the same bin.  Whenever we get to a new place, in the back of my mind I feel like a contestant on Press Your Luck.  Silently repeating, "No whammy...No Whammy....", but whenever I see the bin marked BOOKS my back immediately starts to hurt.  All I ask is that you put a little thought into it, but then I know I am asking too much.


  1. LOL, this post is hysterical. I think I am the OTHER kind of mover... the one who goes through 34 rolls of tape for each room, LOL

    (my hubs says "no whammy" all the time... cracks me up!

  2. You guys should put a *disclaimer* on the end of your email correspondence that says *unwanted books can be donated at ANY library for the Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library* BEFORE you move lol