Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Do you have stairs?

This seems like such a simple question, and anyone with reasonable intelligence should be able to answer. Unfortunately, from my experience, people that seek moving assistance via craigslist are not of reasonable intelligence. I have yet to determine if it is ignorance on their part, or an outright attempt at deception to secure a cheaper rate of service. Either way, it never ceases to amaze me.

We are hired to move a piano. The difficulty of this job can vary greatly. However, if we are allowed to use the tools of our trade, and there are no surprises it is manageable. THERE ARE ALWAYS SURPRISE!! This seemed like a simple move, one piano. We loaded it up and transported it without issue. In setting up the job we asked the all important question, DO YOU HAVE STAIRS? This kindly woman of 50 or so assured us that she did not. And upon meeting her, she seemed like an honest soul. My opinion of her changed dramatically when we arrived at the delivery address. There it was, her ignorance/deception right in front of us....

WE WERE MOVING THIS PIANO INTO A MOBILE HOME!! First off, Seriously?! The floors of a single wide trailer are NOT meant to support a full sized piano. That not withstanding, what do ALL trailers require for entrance? STAIRS!! For those of you that have accessed a trailer before, those stairs are STEEP!! For those of you lucky enough to avoid ever having to move a full sized piano into a single ide trailer...REJOICE! For it is definitely a scenario to avoid at all costs. After explaining to this lady that the wood and metal contraptions attached to both her front and back doors were in fact stairs, we set to task. To make a ridiculous story short, just short of a hernia later we got the piano in the back door. As to whether or not that piano is still in her laundry room, or it fell through her floor and rendered her dwelling unliveable I cannot say. I can say, with relative certainty, it will not be the last time someone answers that question wrong.

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  1. This is why I refer to the general public as The Free Range Stupid....