Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why does everyone hate moving?

Because it sucks....that's why people pay idiots like me to do it for them. Who could blame them?

Welcome to The Angry Mover's Blog. This should be an adventure for us both. While I get to fight off heatstroke, and avoid falling down stairs, you get free entertainment. I honestly wish that I had started this blog from the beginning. As good as my memory is, I am sure I cannot remember all of the ridiculousness that I have encountered. Luckily for you, in this industry, the next horror story is only the next job away.

How did it come to this? I am a personal trainer by trade. Most of the year I make my living helping people reach their goals. It is something I am passionate about doing, and I really enjoy it. However, as we all know, New Year's Eve Resolutions melt in Summer's heat. By the time Fall rolls around next year seems like the best time to get in shape. The fitness industry has a 3 month lull which is hard on the wallet. So a friend of mine and I decided to start a movning company to supplement our income. How hard could it be right? I pick up heavy stuff in the gym all the time without getting paid. This seemed like a good idea. After a years worth of ridiculous stories I realize how wrong I was. Picking up several hundred pounds in the gym is a challenge. However, it is nothing like picking up a $20 particle board bookcase from Target that someone expects you to treat like a family heirloom and hope it doesnt fall apart in the process.

I will post some retroactive stories as I recall them, as well as update you on the day to day adventure. Please remain seated until the ride comes to a complete halt.

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  1. I will also keep my hands and feet inside the car while it's moving. Thanks! Can't wait to listen to your stories!