Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Rather than tell the long drawn out stories of recent memory I figured I would condence some of them down to just the punchline. This will give you a glimpse into what happens on a daily basis...

* We moved a refrigerator, that someone purchased without measuring it or their doorway. NO ONE MEASURES ANYTHING!! They just assume everything will fit everywhere. In reality this fridge would NOT fit in the front door, no matter what we pulled out of our bag of tricks. The client said, "well I have a sliding glass door on the back of the house that is should fit through there." Which it would have...if she had not FORGOTTEN that she had a screened in porch with a very small screen door.

* We move another refrigerator FULL OF FOOD!! It still amazes me that people schedule a mover to move a fridge and they forget to remove the food from it before we get there. However, on this particular job the food was left on purpose, so we thought. For the record, moving a full fridge is a LOT more difficult than moving an empty one. The punchline of this....after wrestling with a fridge full of food we unloaded it and asked the client if they wanted it plugged back in...their response..."nah, we are just going to throw that food out anyway". Are you freaking kidding me?!

* We moved one of the trashiest collections of furniture ever. One of the items was a 20 year old couch. Upon arriving at the delivery address we were asked "can you take that couch out to the curb?" Ummmmmmm....WHY DID WE MOVE THAT?!

* A few boxes = 55 Boxes.....we counted.

* She said..."We have TWO desks we moved them up there by ourselves, we are older now and can't move them back down". Sounds simple right. Well what she should have said is..."we have FOUR pieces of equipment, and we don't know how to count....WE HIRED FOUR GUYS to move them upstairs and we forgot about that". When the husband heard the story that we were told by the wife he rolled his almost made the near death experience moving the desks worth it.

More punchlines to come.....

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  1. You should check out some time. You will find your kindred. Haha. I read it while eating lunch. Can't wait to hear more stories.