Thursday, June 24, 2010

What's Under YOUR Bed?!

Many of us spend much of our formative years fearing a mythic creature residing under our bed. Whether it be your average run of the mill monster, or the antichrist of the underworld, the Boogey is NOTHING compared what adults keep under their bed.

When we get older and have the financial resources to purchase whatever our imagination desires, the twisted nature of humankind is on full display UNDER THEIR BEDS. Some of these novelties might be confined to the night stand. However, it seems many of these individuals use all the creativity they have at their disposal for sexual deviency, and have nothing left for coming up with unique hiding places.

What two people (or one or MANY) do in the confines of their home is completely up to the legal age parties involved. However, PLEASE clean under the bed before the movers get there. I really don't care to know what gas-powered, multi adapter piece of equipment you choose to get the job done. And what makes it worse is that the people with these goodies under the bed are NEVER the people you want to imagine implementing said devices.

1 comment:

  1. Ewww! LOL

    On that note, we keep everything in a LOCK BOX. LOL